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The Higher The VIP Level, The Higher The Benefits

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VIP Upgrade Requirement

Minimum Deposit (Monthly)After Join50,000150,000300,000600,0001,000,000

VIP Maintenance Requirement

Minimum Deposit (90 Days)--75,000150,000300,000500,000
Vip RenewalLife MembershipLife Membership90 Days90 Days90 Days90 Days

Unlimited Turnover Rebate 【Instant Rebate】

Slot Games (Website)0.50%0.60%0.80%0.90%1.00%1.20%
Sportsbook (Website)0.50%0.60%0.80%0.90%1.00%1.20%
Live Casino (Website)0.50%0.60%0.80%0.90%1.00%1.20%


Service SupportCsSeniorSeniorSupervisorSupervisorManager
Daily Withdrawal Limit50,00050,00080,000100,000200,000500,000


Vip Upgrade Bonus-1003006001,2002,000
Birthday Bonus + Gift8 - 8898 - 188198 - 388398 - 588598 - 888 + 🎁898 - 1,388 + 🎁
Monthly Reward + Festival Gift--✅ + 🎁✅ + 🎁
Exclusive Promotion
Unlimited Monthly Cash Rebate3%4%5%6%8%10%


VIP Upgrade Bonus: SGD 300
Turnover: x3 Times
Calculation: (SGD 300) x3 Times = SGD 900

VIP Upgrade

* By depositing the required amount within the stipulated period to upgrade the VIP level.
* By special invitation from ECWIN888.

VIP Upgrade Requirement

* Total deposit calculation time: From the VIP START / UPGRADE date – last day 11:50 pm. (Monthly)
* All eligible members can apply for upgrade the VIP level from customer service via LIVE CHAT, WECHAT, WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM.
* Members need to provide full details for verification.

VIP Maintenance Requirement

* Total deposit calculation time: From the VIP UPGRADE date – 11:50 pm on the NINETIETH (90) day. (Every 90 Days)
* Member who didn’t reach the VIP maintenance requirement within the stipulated period, the VIP levels will be lowered ONE (1) level.

Terms and conditions:

1. This promotion starts from 01/04/2022, all members of ECWIN888 are entitled to enjoy this VIP privileges and benefits.
2. After become ECWIN888 VIP, members can enjoy the privileges and benefits according to the VIP level.
3. ECWIN888 has the right to approve or reject the member’s VIP upgrade application based on the member’s all transaction and betting records.
4. This promotion is only valid for ONE (1) user, ONE (1) IP address. If being found out that any group collusion or individual uses multiple accounts to claim this promotion, ECWIN888 has the right to terminate the account and all credits will be confiscated.
5. ECWIN888 has the right to cancel, change the underlying T&C and terminate this promotion without giving any prior notice.