A Beginner's Guide to Horse Racing Betting Singapore

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Horse Racing Betting Singapore

Since the 1970s Horse Racing game has gained immense fame and success across the globe, horse racing is the jewel in the crown for bettors. But as it is said, everything that looks fascinating and heroic involves a lot of hustle and hassle. Thus for beginners acing this Race is a real challenge. But no worries, this beginner guide will help you know every bit of Online Horse betting in Singapore.

Come Let’s Ride it…


1. Know the Top Racecourses

Horse Racing has gained massive popularity in some countries. To see some of the best Racecourses worldwide, Churchill Downs in Kentucky, USA, and Melbourne must be visited. Every year, many horse Racing fans and followers gear up and surround these iconic tracks with thrill. Each Racecourse has the smell of its unique history.

2. Types of Bets

Besides the most common type, the winning Bet, several other types exist. Winning Bet means that your chosen Horse should come first for you to have the winning crown and price. Besides winning Bet, there is a place bet and show Bet; place Bet is for the first three positions while show bet is for the first two. In addition to these, there are bets called trifectas and superfectas for predicting the finishing order of multiple horse races.

3. Know Your Budget

Regular investment can bring up a regular loss. It happens with a lot of people that constant betting and few wins leave them with a big loss. It is a must caution while betting and especially for newcomers. Don’t throw big amounts, in the beginning, start with small amounts.

The definition of a smaller amount is respective to each Race, and only you can know that information. So Man! It would help if you were very wise to know what figure to let go of and what to keep. Most Bettors start investing with a small amount.

4. Know the Jockey.

In any Race, the Jockey has got a crucial role to play. A Horse to win, the rider has to be as competitive as the Horse. The role of the rider differs from that of a car’s steering wheel and gears. However robust A Formula 1 is, everything will be fine if the driver is an average performer. Thus to make everything fall into the right place, check out the record and all other things of your Jockey.

5. Avoid Exotics

Winning over exotic Beyts is to walk on a thin line. It’s advised to avoid it if you are a newcomer. Suppose you are willing to make handsome profits, then take your game slow and gradually.

What are the types of Races?

Not all horses are apt for all kinds of races. Some horses are better for some, while others are suitable for some. Thus, before any online horse betting or Horse Racing betting, one must know the types of racing.

Flat races: A most common type of Race where the Jockey races over synthetic, urf, or on a flat dirt track. For such races, Horses that already have experienced the track material and the distance are perfect.

Harness racing: In Harness Racing, the Hose pulls a wheeled cart carrying the Jockey. Horses have to maintain a trotting pace. Thus for these races, look for the specifically trained ones.

Steeple chasing: Steeple Chasing Race is a Race that involves a lot of hurdles and obstacles. Fillies are suitable for this as they can clear obstacles much more easily.

Maiden Races: Maiden Races are the races in which only those horses are available who have never won a race. Any horse that has once won a race is not eligible for the maiden Race.

Claiming Races: The most common type of Race, this type of Race has the lowest prizes. Therefore, the best horses are rarely seen in claiming races.

Stakes-Races: Stakes-Races have a massive amount to bid and to win, of course. Not all horses can be chosen for this Race. There are some sets of criteria, and only those horses that fulfill these criteria are allowed.

Handicap-Races: The Handicapper allots different weights to the horses. A strong horse will carry more weight than the other.

Allowance-Races: Horses have required to meet a certain set of conditions. They carry weight as per the number of races and money they win.

Go and Get the Gold

Horse Betting Singapore, specifically Online Horse betting Singapore, is not a cakewalk for beginners. But it’s not even that heft as it’s getting hype. If you follow the status, and the logic, then definitely, in no time, you can rule the world of online betting in Singapore. You only need to find the correct answer to a few basic questions like, what is the type of Race, how many victories are performed by the budding Horse, and which Horse should be chosen for which type of Race, and there you have arrived create history in online Horse betting Singapore.